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Drawn to Charcoal

Weekend Workshop

Course description

Drawing with charcoal forms the basis of many art practices mainly as a sketching media and a pre painting ‘marker’ of layout lines. At face value this simple media most often stands for direct and spontaneous mark making & is known for being messy to work with. Yet beyond its use for immediacy of line, there is a world of potential at the other end of the spectrum.

This two-day workshop focuses on drawing from digital photographs as it looks beyond ‘action’ techniques to explore charcoals potential for precision drawing and other similarly less well-known qualities that it can offer the artist.

Suitable for those with previous drawing experience.

This is a 2 day weekend workshop.

What your course will cover

  • Materials and tools – Overview of charcoal drawing media and materials
  • Explore the mark-making potential of charcoal pencils, sticks & powder
  • Experiment with wet and dry applications
  • Subject & composition selection – working with visual reference images
  • How to begin a work, layering and making use of ‘accidental’ marks.
  • Create small compositional and tonal studies from which to build larger, sustained drawings
  • Traditional sketching techniques through to ‘painterly’ photorealism

What to bring to the workshop

Drawing Materials

  • 1 Stick of willow or vine charcoal
  • Stick of compressed charcoal (4B) (Conte or Faber Pitt compressed charcoal)
  • 2B white pastel pencil
  • 2B pencil, white plastic eraser & a putty eraser
  • Paper stump
  • Soft cotton rag, cotton tip ear buds
  • Several paint brushes (variety of bristle types & sizes)
  • A3 Visual diary & 2 sheets of 210gsm A3 cartridge
  • 1 sheet of Stonehenge paper – white or off white (available from Artery)
  • Drawing board (A2ish) & bulldog clips
  • Thick towel to roll up (for extra elevation) or a desk easel if you have one
  • Masking tape & small craft knife
  • Apron, disposable thin latex gloves & cloth dust mask
  • Can of fixative

Visual Reference Materials

  • Bring a selection of your own digital photography stored on phone or tablet – (these can be of any subject matter, just have them grouped and easy to find on the day)
  • A black and white computer printout of your two favourite images (A5 or A4 sized)
  • Digital camera, smart phone or tablet (remember to charge your batteries)

There will be plenty of room to spread out and work from a choice of tabletop or free standing easel.
You are welcome to bring along any extra materials/tools not listed that you think might be useful.

Tea/coffee and biscuit’s are provided for breaks but please bring some lunch with you.

Important information

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Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

Disability and special needs

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Drawn to Charcoal

<h2 id="WeekendWorkshop">Weekend Workshop</h2><h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>Drawing with charcoal forms the basis of many art practices mainly as a sketching media and a pre