German 2

Course description

This course is suitable for beginners who have completed German 1 or equivalent. The emphasis is on learning the basis of the German everyday language to allow you to engage in conversations about yourself using short sentences. All four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be practised every lesson. The course will continue to the next level in the following term if there are sufficient enrolments. Text purchase required.

What your course will cover

In a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere, you will learn:

  • More about gender in the German language. (der, die, das).
  • How to talk about places in towns and cities. (Das ist die Kneipe).
  • How to write a postcard while visiting a city in a German speaking country.
  • To count above 100.
  • How to talk about your and other people’s occupation. (Was sind Sie von Beruf?).
  • How to talk about your and other people’s study. (Was studieren Sie? Ich studiere Germanistik).
  • The beginnings of German plurals. (ein Stuhl – zwei Stühle).
  • How to ask the way. (Entschuldigen Sie, gibt e shier in der Nähe ein nettes Café?).
  • How to order food and drink. (Ich möchte gerne ein Mineralwasser und einen Kaffee).
  • How to use nouns in the accusative case. (Ich kaufe ein Buch, eine Tasche und einen Hut).
  • A new German proverb every week.

Resources used include German songs and rhymes as well as other authentic materials such as photos, recipes, newspaper clippings and objects.


  • For those who have completed 1 term (20 hours) of Adult Education German study or its equivalent.
  • Language courses from level 2 up are continuations from the previous level. New students: you are strongly advised to examine the content of the lower level course and be confident that you are already competent at that level.

What to bring

  • Pen and note book for work done in class.
  • A folder for your many handouts – an expandable A4 folder with plastic sleeves is recommended.
  • German/English dictionary.
  • The Multi Media Pack: Teach Yourself Complete German ISBN 9781444177398 – Book & CD set; 1st ed, 2012

Please do not worry if you do not have the book for the first lesson. Your tutor is aware that this sometimes happens.

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