Photography - Beginners to Intermediate - Digital SLR in Manual Mode

Course description

A comprehensive beginners' photography course for people who want to control key camera settings manually. Understand the key settings and how to adjust them on your camera. Also includes basic composition skills and photographic technique. This is a very hands-on course with practical exercises reinforcing the classroom instruction. Includes two excursions around Hobart. Participants must have a digital SLR camera or an advanced compact digital camera with full manual override for key settings such as shutter speed, aperture, etc...
This course is suitable for total beginners or more experienced photographers and caters for a variety of photographic interests, cameras, and levels of experience.

What your course will cover

This extensive course considers most types of photography and combines technical camera skills with compositional and lighting skills.

  • A night-time photography shoot is the highlight of this course. The date of the night shoot will be organised by the tutor in consultation with the students and will replace one of the advertised sessions.
  • The tutor will also consult with students about a potential Saturday session.

Overview of cameras and photographic equipment

  • Common camera features and settings.
  • Lens types and their uses.
  • Use flashes to improve lighting in photographs.
  • What to look for in buying a tripod.

Using your camera

  • Focusing the camera with both auto focus and manual focus options.
  • Adjusting camera settings to provide correct exposure, colour balance, and picture style.
  • Achieving desired depth of field using various aperture and lens combinations.
  • Effective use of the flash including advanced fill-flash techniques.
  • Selecting and using the best lenses and zoom settings.

Composition and photographic technique

  • Basic composition and image cropping.
  • Night photography.
  • Portraiture lighting techniques and composition.
  • Landscape and macro photography techniques.
  • Demonstration of important computer fixes to apply to images post-shooting to improve exposure and colour.

What to bring

  • Camera: digital SLR or advanced digital camera with full manual override.
  • Fully charged batteries.
  • Battery charger.
  • Spare battery (if you have one).
  • User manual for the camera.
  • Any other photographic equipment and accessories you have (e.g. lenses).
  • Photographs for discussion – some you are pleased with and some you are not. Images on USB sticks allow demonstration of post shooting computer fixes to improve images (optional).

Important information

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

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