Photoshop for Photographers

Course description

Photoshop from a photographer’s perspective and how to improve your images

What your course will cover

  • Mastering layers and layer masks to selectively apply corrections to regions within an image.
  • Improving portraits and removing blemishes.
  • Improving detail, colour and contrast in landscapes and macro photographs.
  • Scanning and restoring old photos, negatives and slides.

These will include

  • Making masks from selections.
  • Making gradient masks to improve landscape images.
  • Advanced exposure, contrast, and colour controls using curves, levels, dodging and burning, and layer masks.
  • Using thresholds for special effects and elaborate layer masks
  • Sharpening, softening, and blurring techniques.
  • Cloning and healing tools.
  • Advanced conversion of colour images to black and white and selective re-colouring of those black and white images
  • Resizing images for printing and internet use
  • When and why to use RAW, TIFF, PSD and JPEG formats in camera, printing and archival storage


  • Photoshop any version of CS or CC loaded onto a laptop or computer that can be brought to class. This course is not for Photoshop Elements – One or two loan computers may be available, please confirm before booking.

Important information

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