Spanish Advanced

Course description

The Advanced course is suitable for students who have a good understanding of spoken Spanish and knowledge of basic grammar. The book ¡Nos Vemos! 3 is used in the course. It corresponds to a B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). In Book 3 we will complete the study of the Spanish grammar which involves learning the subjunctive tense and its clauses. After completing the book this course will progress into a conversation course where consolidation and practice of the language will allow students to achieve and maintain a good standard of language. Students who have learned Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country should speak to the teacher before enrolling in this class as the methodology may not be suitable or it may not be what they are after. The class will continue as long as there are sufficient enrolments. The textbook for this level is required (See details below).

What your course will cover

Book 3 covers the following:
  • Unit 1: Sigo aprendiendo - talking about learning experiences, and talking about abilities and difficulties in learning, telling stories in the past etc.
  • Unit 2: ¡Buen Viaje! - talking about holidays, preparing a trip, giving advice and expressing wishes etc.
  • Unit 3: Maneras de vivir – talking about lifestyles, daily routine and housework, giving opinions and reacting etc.
  • Unit 4: Revision
  • Unit 5: ¿Papel o pantalla? - talking about your reading habits and your taste in movies and expressing opinions about books & movies. Telling a plot or a story. Making assumptions about the future etc.
  • Unit 6: Con los cinco sentidos – Describing objects; expressing cause, and or consequence; the five senses to talk about music, about flavours and favourite foods, describe a plate etc.
  • Unit 7: De todo Corazón – Describe the character of a person and physical characteristics, moods, feelings and sensations; talking about conflicts and personal relationships etc
  • Unit 8: Revision
  • Unit 9: Grandes momentos – Describe celebrations, big events and fiestas; talking about common actions, expressing good wishes, leaving a decision to someone else, talking about beauty, expressing agreement and disagreement etc
  • Unit 10: Mundo en contacto – Talking about the landscapes, climate, society and culture of a country. Taking notes at a conference, preparing and giving a presentation, starting and ending a speech, passing on information etc.
  • Unit 11: Solidarios – Talk about the political situation, to protest and to express rejection, to express need and obligation, express probability, make unreal comparisons etc.

You will learn the following grammar:

  • All the tenses of the indicative mood: present, past, future and conditional
  • Imperative mood: commands, requests & instructions
  • The subjunctive mood: present, imperfect
  • Direct speech and indirect speech
  • Clauses using cuando, mientras, aunque, para que, de modo que, sin embargo, sino, también etc.
  • Adverbs and prepositions: comparisons
  • Relative clauses.

What to bring

  • A pen and notebook for work done in class
  • A folder for your handouts
  • Textbook: ¡NOS VEMOS! 3(Libro del alumno + CD) ISBN: 9788484438595
  • Workbook: ¡NOS VEMOS! 3(Cuaderno de ejercicios + CD) ISBN: 9788484438601

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

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