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Spanish Intermediate D

Course Description

The Intermediate course is suitable for students who have completed 4 terms of study with Adult Education (50 hours, approx.) or its equivalent elsewhere.
The Intermediate course has 5 modules A, B, C, D & E which are delivered over five terms of study to cover the 10 units of the textbook ‘Nuevo Español en Marcha 2’ used in class. New students who wish to enrol in this course are advised to contact Adult Education to find out whether it is the correct course for them. This is not an intensive course but it will require some study and doing weekly homework. The class will continue to the next term if there are sufficient enrolments. It is advisable for long-term students to buy the textbook (See details below).

What your course will cover.

This course will cover Units 7 and 8 of the text.

  • Unit 7: Giving advice and instructions. Going to the doctor. Talk about different moods. Making suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. Express wishes using the subjunctive tense.
  • Unit 8: Newspapers. Talk about work and working routines. Read some newspaper news. Indirect speech in the past: say what someone said.

You will learn the following grammar

  • Reflexives verbs: me levanto temprano. Verb gustar: me gusta viajar
  • The Simple past: Ana nació en 1990. Interrogative pronouns ¿Que prefieres un café o un té?
  • Ser and Estar: Ana está contenta, Pepe es muy tranquilo. Present perfect: ¿Has estado alguna vez en España?
  • The conditional: me gustaría vivir en Madrid. Pron. personales: el libro, se lo he dado a Juan
  • The imperfect: Yo vivía en una ciudad pequeña. Compartives: Mi casa es más nueva que la tuya.
  • Indefinite pronouns: ¿Hay alguien aquí? No hay nadie en casa. Impersonal expresions: se vende casa en la playa.
  • The imperative: Antes de salir, apaga la luz. Present Subjunctive: Espero que descanses bien.
  • The imperfect of estar + gerund: Ella estaba durmiendo cuando llegué. Indirect speech: Ana dijo que estaba cansada para ir a la fiesta.
  • The verb llevar + gerund: llevo trabajando aquí desde hace 5 años. Conditional sentences: Si quieres viajar, ven con nosotros.
  • The verb ir + infinitive: este verano voy a estudiar inglés. The verb pensar + infinitive: este verano pienso estudiar español. Use of cuando + Subjunctive: Cuando vengas a verme, llámame. Relative clauses: El gato es un animal que duerme mucho

What to bring

  • Pen and notebook for work done in class.
  • A folder for your many handouts – an expandable A4 folder with plastic sleeves is recommended.
  • Textbook: NUEVO ESPAÑOL EN MARCHA 2 (Student book + CD) ISBN: 9788497783781

Important information

  • Most language classes fill up quickly. However, your class could be cancelled if not enough people enrol. If you are concerned about buying a book that may be of no use to you then please check the viability of your class with adult education before purchasing your text.

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

Disability and special needs

Libraries Tasmania is committed to achieving open, equitable access and participation to a range of adult education programs and courses. If you have a disability or medical condition which you think may impact on your ability to participate in an adult education course, please complete the Special Needs Form available at:, or contact the adult education team: This will help us to make the necessary adjustments to maximise your enjoyment and experience in your chosen course. All enquiries are confidential.

Please note that carers supporting learners with disabilities can attend our classes free of charge. For more information, please contact adult education team:

Refund policy

Cancellations and Refunds
Please choose your course carefully. A full refund is payable in the event that a class is cancelled. No other refunds are considered except for extenuating circumstances which are supported by a written application.

Contact details

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  • (03) 6165 5564

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Terms and Conditions

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Spanish Intermediate D

<h2 id="CourseDescription">Course Description</h2><p>The Intermediate course is suitable for students who have completed 4 terms of study with Adult Education (50 hours, approx.) or its equivalent