Dressmaking for Yourself Adult Education Tasmania

Dressmaking for Yourself

Course description

A starting point for an absolute beginner or expert help for those who can sew using your own sewing machine or overlocker.

What your course will cover

  • Taking personal measurements to enable you to use the correct pattern size
  • Sewing stretch, woven or fine fabrics
  • Selecting the correct needles and threads and adjusting tension
  • Constructing a test garment to check fit and making any necessary alterations
  • Laying out your fabric and cutting economically
  • Constructing your garment
  • Pressing and finishing techniques to create a professionally sewn garment

What you can hope to achieve

  • An opportunity to gain a full understanding of your own sewing machine and overlocker (if you have one)
  • Know what it takes to make the difference between a home sewn and a professionally sewn garment
  • Gain a fuller understanding of the instructions of a commercial pattern, including symbols, language and methods used
  • Take home your finished garment/s

What to bring

  • Your sewing machine, overlocker if you have one, and manuals
  • Sewing kit (scissors, needles, thread, tape measure etc.)
  • Purchased pattern of your choice, however if you are new to sewing an ‘easy’ pattern is recommended to start with
  • Fabric of your choice. Please ensure it has been washed prior to the first session
  • Pen and paper

Important information

  • If you are required to purchase extra materials for your class, please check with the organising office prior to making the purchase.
  • Please ensure mobile phones are off or on silent before entering the classroom.

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

Disability and special needs

Libraries Tasmania is committed to achieving open, equitable access and participation to a range of adult education programs and courses. If you have a disability or medical condition which you think may impact on your ability to participate in an adult education course, please complete the Special Needs Form available at: http://adulteducation.libraries.tas.gov.au/enrolling, or contact the adult education team: http://adulteducation.libraries.tas.gov.au/contact. This will help us to make the necessary adjustments to maximise your enjoyment and experience in your chosen course. All enquiries are confidential.

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Refund policy

Cancellations and Refunds
Please choose your course carefully. A full refund is payable in the event that a class is cancelled. No other refunds are considered except for extenuating circumstances which are supported by a written application.

Contact details

For General Enquiries contact

  • (03) 6165 5564

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Terms and Conditions

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Dressmaking for Yourself

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>A starting point for an absolute beginner or expert help for those who can sew using your own sewing machine or overlocker.</p><h2 id="