Information for tutors

Sometimes we are looking for tutors to teach specific classes or skills that are in demand and sometimes we are approached with ideas for new classes by prospective tutors. We also employ life models for life drawing classes.

If you think you are able to offer us a class we would be interested in, please see the information below or contact us.

Manage your classes

Tutors can manage their classes by logging into Manage your classes link at the top right of any page on the adult education website. Manage your classes allows tutors to: review and confirm your scheduled class information including:

  • Class name
  • Class schedule, including dates, times and location
  • Class status (whether enrolments are actively being accepted)
  • Places available, including minimum places required and maximum places that can be accepted
  • Your availability (confirmed, or unconfirmed)
  • Ability to message any changes to course information etc

Once classes have been confirmed, tutors will be able to access the Class Roll.

To log in, you’ll need to enter your first name, last name, email address and password.

Special note for contractors: If you are engaged as a contractor, you need to login as a company. The company name we have stored in our system does not conform to a standard format and you will almost certainly have to contact staff to confirm the details.

How to Apply

Becoming a Tutor

The first step to registering your interest to be an adult education tutor is to complete the application form: PDF or MS Word. Forms should be returned to the library in your region. If you are available in more than one region, it is advisable to send a separate copy to each region.

If we have a vacancy in your area we may contact you to see if you are available.

What are the steps to offering an Adult Education course?

  1. Fill in a tutor application form and/or course proposal
  2. Application/proposal considered by Libraries Tasmania
  3. If your course is accepted, you will be contacted by the Program Coordinator for further discussion and an interview
Becoming a life model

Life models are sometimes used in art classes where tutors require the assistance of a model to enhance the learning experience of the students. If you are interested in being a model for a life drawing class, please contact the adult education team. The Program Coordinator will interview each applicant to determine suitability of experience or skills. Life Models are not guaranteed employment at any stage.

Employment conditions

Tutors are employed as casual employees of the Department of Education, with pay rates in accordance with the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA). Employment in the Department of Education, Tasmania is governed by the State Service Act 2000. The following State Service Principles and Code of Conduct have been incorporated into the Act:

  • State Service Principles provide a statement as to both the way that employment is to be managed in the State Service, and the standards expected of those who work within it.
  • State Service Code of Conduct reinforces and upholds the State Service Principles by establishing standards of behaviour and conduct for all employees.

Tutors may be employed under a contract to deliver a course providing they meet the terms for becoming a contractor. Employment conditions will be discussed with you at your interview.

Course proposals

If you have an idea for a course, please complete the form and submit your proposal to us. We will consider the following factors in deciding whether or not to proceed with your course idea:

  • Suitability
  • Cost to the student
  • Uniqueness
  • Getting enough enrolments
  • How it fits with our overall program
  • Practicality (i.e. do we have the necessary facilities/resources?)