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Advanced Digital Cameras - Beginners to Intermediate

Course description A comprehensive photography course for people who want to understand and control the key settings on their advanced cameras. Terry has been teaching photography classes with Adult Education since 2002. This course includes composition skills and photography techniques and is very hands on, with practical exercises reinforced with classroom instruction. Students must have a digital SLR camera or an advanced digital camera with full manual override for key settings... [More]
$184.8 Limited inc GST / $134.81 / $149.80
Advanced Digital Cameras - Beginners to Intermediate

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>A comprehensive photography course for people who want to understand and control the key settings on their advanced cameras.</p><p>Terry has been


Choosing the Right Digital Camera to Buy

Course description Buying a digital camera can be confusing. There is so much talk now about full-frame cameras versus APS-C crop sensors, let alone the micro-four-thirds sensors or compact cameras. Also, what is all this talk about mirrorless cameras? Well there is a lot of hype surrounding all of this. Terry Pinfold’s 17 years of experience teaching Adult Education classes has allowed him to see some of the best and the worst designed cameras available. Students will get advice... [More]
$11 Limited inc GST
Choosing the Right Digital Camera to Buy

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>Buying a digital camera can be confusing. There is so much talk now about full-frame cameras versus APS-C crop sensors, let alone the


Learn GIMP - The Free Alternative to Photoshop

Course description This course uses the freeware program GIMP to improve and manipulate images. GIMP is a powerful alternative to Photoshop™, most of the techniques taught can be adapted to Photoshop™ or have been adapted from Photoshop™. Learn to use this program from a photographer’s perspective. Explore layers, masks, curves, levels, thresholds, dodging, burning and much more. GIMP works on PC and MAC. What your course will cover This course has four primary themes: Mastering... [More]

Learn Darktable - The free alternative to Lightroom

Course description A Raw file is comparable to an undeveloped film. The Raw file is equivalent to the negative which can be developed and processed in a variety of ways. You can extract the best possible image quality from it, and the original file is left untouched and can be processed differently as many times as you want. There is no need to purchase any software for this course as the free software, Darktable, is excellent for processing your RAW files using basic and advanced... [More]

Exploring your Digital Camera

Course Description This short course will familiarise you with the controls and menus associated with your digital camera. It is recommended for all advanced digital cameras including SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, compact and hybrid cameras with aperture priority, shutter priority and manual exposure controls. You will be guided through the various controls, features, and options found on your camera. Each important feature will be explained and then some practical exercises... [More]

Introduction to Darktable and GIMP

Course description This course is run over two weeks, in week one Terry will introduce you to Darktable and in week two GIMP. What to bring Please bring your own laptop. Once students have enrolled they will be supplied with links to the free software utilised in the course to download in readiness for the first class. One or two loan computers will be available – please confirm if you require one before enrolling. Week 1: Introduction to Darktable – The free alternative to... [More]

Lightroom - Photo Editing Masterclass

Course description Comprehensive introduction for photographers on how to use Adobe Lightroom to import, organise and edit your photographs. Which version of Lightroom do you need Lightroom is the professional’s choice when it comes to organising and editing their photographs. The edits performed in Lightroom never alter or damage the original files. The use of keywords and collections facilitates easy organisation of thousands of images per catalog. Lightroom can be daunting to... [More]

Scan & Restore Old Photographs & Films

Course description Learn how to scan and restore old photographs, slides and negatives using an affordable flatbed scanner and free software. What your class will cover Learn how easy it is to correctly scan photographs and negatives into digital files. Learn the important difference between Tiff and JPEG files for scanning and restoration. Learn which tools to use in Photoshop to fix up faded colour and B/W images. Learn which tools to use to repair scratches, spots and other... [More]

Photoshop for Photographers

Course description Photoshop from a photographer’s perspective and how to improve your images What your course will cover Mastering layers and layer masks to selectively apply corrections to regions within an image. Improving portraits and removing blemishes. Improving detail, colour and contrast in landscapes and macro photographs. Scanning and restoring old photos, negatives and slides. These will include Making masks from selections. Making gradient masks to improve landscape... [More]