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Learn GIMP - The Free Alternative to Photoshop

Course description This course uses the freeware program GIMP to improve and manipulate images. GIMP is a powerful alternative to Photoshop™, most of the techniques taught can be adapted to Photoshop™ or have been adapted from Photoshop™. Learn to use this program from a photographer’s perspective. Explore layers, masks, curves, levels, thresholds, dodging, burning and much more. GIMP works on PC and MAC. What your course will cover This course has four primary themes: Mastering... [More]

Learn Darktable - The free alternative to Lightroom

Course description A Raw file is comparable to an undeveloped film. The Raw file is equivalent to the negative which can be developed and processed in a variety of ways. You can extract the best possible image quality from it, and the original file is left untouched and can be processed differently as many times as you want. There is no need to purchase any software for this course as the free software, Darktable, is excellent for processing your RAW files using basic and advanced... [More]

Fundamental Skills for Digital Image Editing

Course Description This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental and critical skills that are applied in all good editing programs. It is also designed to give you an appreciation of both the free and commercial programs available for editing so that you can make an informed decision about which software solutions best suit you. Most of the practical skills will be taught using free software including Darktable, GIMP, Rawtherapee and Microsoft’s Image Composite... [More]

Lightroom - Photo Editing Masterclass

Course description Comprehensive introduction for photographers on how to use Adobe Lightroom to import, organise and edit your photographs. Which version of Lightroom do you need Lightroom is the professional’s choice when it comes to organising and editing their photographs. The edits performed in Lightroom never alter or damage the original files. The use of keywords and collections facilitates easy organisation of thousands of images per catalog. Lightroom can be daunting to... [More]