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Keep Fit

Course description This course incorporates a wide range of exercises to tone muscles, keep trim, supple and flexible, relax tensions and promote a feeling of wellbeing – all to classical music (not disco!). Feel refreshed and revitalised. This is suitable for all ages and people are encouraged to work at their own pace. What to bring/wear Comfortable clothing Towel or rug for floor exercises Jiffies or ballet shoes are preferred but old socks are OK Important information Please... [More]

Mat Pilates

Course Description This course is an introduction to Pilates basics. Pilates focuses on body awareness and symmetry in motion. Uses controlled movements working the pelvic floor and core muscles, particularly the lower back, obliques, abdominal and hip muscles. Improve your core strength, movement and balance in a safe environment. What you can hope to achieve Core strength Body awareness Improved balance Flexibility Breathing patterns Increased strength Coordination Prerequisites... [More]