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Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Course description

Learn to paint in a fun and relaxed studio environment. These classes will help students gain confidence in their art making and lay the foundations for further painting studies.

Acrylics are perhaps the most versatile of all paints. They can imitate other paints (oils and watercolours) and yet they have their own character too. Explore composition, colour and the use of this medium to better understand techniques and possibilities. Students will be encouraged to develop their own style while being taught within classical and modernist tradition.

Suitable for complete beginners or for those with previous painting experience who want to refresh their skills and learn more about acrylics as a painting medium of choice.

What your course will cover

Each week your tutor will guide you through the painting process with demonstrations and practical exercises. Individual and group instruction will be given, with time spent appreciating work and progress throughout the lessons.

Students will work on 4 projects designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of colour, composition and form, proportion and perspective, tone and spatial relationships. Subjects include still life, landscape, abstract compositions.

  • Materials and tools
  • Arranging your work area and painting palette
  • Practical colour theory and colour mixing skills
  • Planning a composition
  • Explore traditional underpainting techniques
  • Brushwork and painting applications from washes to impasto
  • How to develop expressive brushwork
  • Blending techniques
  • Glazing
  • Making acrylics versatile – Ground preparations and mediums

What to bring to the first class

Bring any brushes & acrylic paints you may already have along with the ‘basics’ list below.

Some acrylic paint & brushes will be provided to try during the first lesson so that the tutor can advise on choices available to meet the more comprehensive list of materials & tools needed for this course.

Please wait before purchasing the specific acrylic paint colours, brushes & other items on the extended list until after discussion in the first class.

Basic tools & materials list – (to bring for week 1):

  • A3 Sketch book
  • Sheet of A3 watercolour paper
  • Basic drawing media (2B pencil, peice of 4B compressed charcoal & eraser)
  • No. 6 round nylon brush, No. 8 synthetic filbert brush as well as several flat and round hog hair bristle brushes (such as No.4, 9, 12 or similar)
  • Containers for holding water (small jam jar with lid)
  • Disposable palette pad or a large white flat plastic or china plate
  • Water mister spray bottle (with an adjustable fine misting nozzle)
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Fabric rag, approx. 20cm pieces
  • Apron/old shirt to protect clothing
  • Digital camera (bring phone charger)

The following extended list will not be needed until Week 2.

  • Acrylic paints in 75ml tubes – a ‘cool & a warm’ set of primaries
(Yellow Light Hansa, Yellow Deep, Matisse Red Light, Brilliant Alizarin Crimson, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue) plus a tube of Titanium White & Burnt Sienna We recommend artist quality acrylic paint brands: Matisse Derivan,Atelier Interactive, Liquitex or student quality acrylic paint brands: Chromacryl, Atelier A2
  • A variety of synthetic and hog hair brushes (round, flat & filbert brushes – various sizes)
  • Palette knives
  • Stretched canvas or canvas boards
  • Small jar of Gesso
  • Acrylic painting mediums

Large A frame easels are provided but if you have a small desk easel you prefer to use then please bring it.

Important information

Most classes fill up quickly. However, your class could be cancelled if not enough people enrol. If you are concerned about buying a class materials that may be of no use to you, please check the viability of your class with Adult Education before making your purchase.

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

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Acrylic Painting for Beginners

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>Learn to paint in a fun and relaxed studio environment. These classes will help students gain confidence in their art making and lay the