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Passion for Painting - Oils & Acrylics

Course description

Do you love painting with Oils and Acrylics? Share your knowledge and skills and expand your confidence in the practice of using Oils and/or Acrylic Paints. Explore new and different techniques in a relaxing environment and experiment with a wide range of subjects and colours and more. For those with some basic knowledge and experience. Always bring your imagination!

What your course will cover

Each week, your tutor will begin with a small demonstration of art making as a guide for the students. The tutor will talk about the nature of each subject we are painting, inviting comments on all possible outcomes for the style chosen by the individula students. Guidance and direction will be provided when required, and time will be spent appreciating work and progress throughout the lessons.
Weeks 1&2 – Students will work on still life, focusing on the techniques of drawing, composition, light and shade
Weeks 2&3 – Students will work on a country road, garden path or landscape, focusing on the technique of perspective and texture and plein-air painting
Weeks 3&4 – Students will work on interior scenes with some possible further detailing, focusing on perspective, light and shade and detail
Weeks 7&8 – Students will work on a portrait or either a human or a pet, focusing on drawing of basic anatomy, skin tomes and glazing

What to bring

Basic Items you may have at home -

  • It is a good idea to bring an apron, dust coat, smock or old Shirt to protect your clothing
  • A bucket and/or Ice cream containers with lids to keep paint fresh
  • Glad wrap or plastic bag also for unused paint
  • Roll of masking tape
  • Cloth

Things you may need to purchase -

  • Paints in tubes, acrylic and/or oils, in basic colours red, yellow, blue. You may also wish to try burnt umber, burnt sienna, indigo and black.
  • A larger tube of white paint is recommended
  • Brushes (Tutor suggests that new students don’t purchase their brushes until after the first lesson. The tutor will have brushes available to try during the lesson)
  • A piece of compressed charcoal is useful or HB pencil and sharpener for sketching
  • Block of Oil Sketch paper or you can purchase single sheets – these are a good alternative to canvas. You can experiment with A3 or A4.
  • You may also wish to purchase other surfaces to paint on as the course progresses, such as canvas. The tutor will be able to advise on this.
  • Disposable palettes are useful (ice cream lids and plastic plates etc can be used)
  • Couple of Palette knives (These can be purchased after the first lesson also)
  • Linseed Oil or Liquin
  • Odourless Solvent for Oil Painting
  • Optional – a camera to capture your progress

Important information

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Passion for Painting - Oils & Acrylics

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>Do you love painting with Oils and Acrylics? Share your knowledge and skills and expand your confidence in the practice of using Oils and/or