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Explore Your Point and Shoot Digital Camera or Phone Camera

Course description This course is aimed at people who care about getting great photographs but are not interested in all the technical stuff that goes with being a photographer. It is suited to all types of digital cameras from your phone to simple compacts or even advanced digital cameras. This course will not get bogged down in the more difficult concepts of selecting aperture, shutter speeds, and manual exposure found on D-SLR and advanced cameras. Many people just want to learn... [More]

Drawn to Charcoal

Course description Drawing with charcoal forms the basis of many art practices mainly as a sketching media and a pre painting ‘marker’ of layout lines. At face value this simple media most often stands for direct and spontaneous mark making & is known for being messy to work with. Yet beyond its use for immediacy of line, there is a world of potential at the other end of the spectrum. This two-day workshop focuses on drawing from digital photographs as it looks beyond ‘action’... [More]

Dressmaking for Yourself

Course description A starting point for an absolute beginner or expert help for those who can sew using your own sewing machine or overlocker. What your course will cover Taking personal measurements to enable you to use the correct pattern size Sewing stretch, woven or fine fabrics Selecting the correct needles and threads and adjusting tension Constructing a test garment to check fit and making any necessary alterations Laying out your fabric and cutting economically Constructing... [More]

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Lightroom - Photo Editing Masterclass

Course description Comprehensive introduction for photographers on how to use Adobe Lightroom to import, organise and edit your photographs. Which version of Lightroom do you need Lightroom is the professional’s choice when it comes to organising and editing their photographs. The edits performed in Lightroom never alter or damage the original files. The use of keywords and collections facilitates easy organisation of thousands of images per catalog. Lightroom can be daunting to... [More]