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Needle Felting - Beginners

Course Description Needle felting is a relatively new craft which is easy to learn, needs few tools and allows endless possibilities for creating 2 and 3 dimensional projects. In this dry felting technique, needles with tiny barbs are pushed into wads of wool to entangle the fibre and create shapes. You can use one or multiple needles, the project can be softly of firmly felted and you can create anything from small brooches to wall hangings to 3D animals and people. What you make... [More]

Beyond Surface - Relief Printmaking (without a press)

Course description This course is suitable for beginners to intermediate students. Experience the magic of printmaking as you learn how to make original hand printed images. If you like detail, pattern, design, the potential of multiples or experimenting with new techniques, then these classes will inspire you. This is a hands-on technique based course providing a solid foundation of skills to continue working at home – without a press. What your course will cover Students will be... [More]

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Introduction to Darktable and GIMP

Course description This course is run over two weeks, in week one Terry will introduce you to Darktable and in week two GIMP. What to bring Please bring your own laptop. Once students have enrolled they will be supplied with links to the free software utilised in the course to download in readiness for the first class. One or two loan computers will be available – please confirm if you require one before enrolling. Week 1: Introduction to Darktable – The free alternative to... [More]

Mixed Media - Drawing

Course description Mixed Media simply refers to any combination of more than one type of drawing or painting media in a work. Throughout the course you will be introduced to ‘optional’ extra media and materials to consider using as you experiment and learn. This course is suitable for beginners to intermediate students, with some basic knowledge and experience. Discover your artistic talent and improve your drawing skills through a mixed media approach to creating images. These... [More]

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Scan & Restore Old Photographs & Films

Course description Learn how to scan and restore old photographs, slides and negatives using an affordable flatbed scanner and free software. What your class will cover Learn how easy it is to correctly scan photographs and negatives into digital files. Learn the important difference between Tiff and JPEG files for scanning and restoration. Learn which tools to use in Photoshop to fix up faded colour and B/W images. Learn which tools to use to repair scratches, spots and other... [More]

Mixed Media - Open Studio

Course description This course is delivered at an intermediate to advanced level, being suitable for students with drawing and painting experience. The aim of this course is to inspire students to develop skill and creative scope, whilst also allowing for individual exploration & experimentation. You will be guided in a mixed media approach to creating images that is based on finding creative ways to use both traditional and contemporary media/materials. Enjoy the light and space... [More]

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Dressmaking - Beginners/Refresher

Course description Make clothes of your choice for yourself and your family in both woven and stretch fabric. Some machines available. This course is for beginners and those with some experience. You can expect to complete a couple of projects of your choice during the class. Beginners will be able to discuss the type of garments they want to make and the tutor will assess each student’s ability and advise accordingly. Students with some sewing experience may bring their chosen... [More]