Spanish Beginners B

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Spanish Beginners B

<h2 id="Coursedescription">Course description</h2><p>This course is a continuation course from Beginners – Module A. It is suitable for people who want to travel to Spain or Latin America or who are


Course description

This course is a continuation course from Beginners – Module A. It is suitable for people who want to travel to Spain or Latin America or who are interested in learning Spanish for personal interest or development. New students wishing to enrol in this course should have done 8-10 hours of Spanish. The course focusses on being able to communicate in everyday situations. In Module B we will study units 3 and 4 of the textbook (see details below). This is not an intensive course but it will require some study and doing weekly homework. The class will continue on to the next level if there are sufficient enrolments. Text book for this level is required (see details below).

What your course will cover

  • Talking about your daily routine: empiezo a trabajar a las nueve.
  • Asking what people do during the day: ¿A que horas empiezas a trabajar?
  • Saying what you do in different part of the day: por la mañana trabajo y por la tarde estudio
  • Talking about work: el profesor enseña a los alumnos
  • Meals of the day: el desayuno, el almuerzo, la merienda y la cena
  • Talking about daily routines in other countries: En Buenos Aires trabajamos hasta las seis
  • Ordering breakfast at a bar: Un desayuno continental por favor ¿Y usted?
  • Different types of breakfast: un bocadillo de jamón, un bollo con mermelada, un café con leche

You will learn the following grammar:

  • Reflexive verbs: levantarse, acostarse, casarse etc
  • Some verbs of daily routine: ir, empezar, volver, terminar, salir, llegar etc.
  • The present tense of e>ie, o>ue and e>i verbs: empezar>empiezo, volver > vuelvo

You will learn the following vocabulary:

  • Days of the week and times of the day.
  • Professions & places of work
  • Food and meals
  • Revision of previous vocabulary

What you can hope to achieve

  • Continue your learning from the previous level
  • Learn more basic vocabulary and grammar
  • Acquire basic reading, speaking, writing and listening skills
  • Learn some aspects of the lifestyle and culture of spanish-speaking countries

What to bring

  • A pen and notebook for work done in class
  • A folder for your handouts
  • Textbook: Nuevo Espanol en Marcha 1 : Student Book + CD : Level A1 - ISBN13:9788497783736

Important information

  • Most language classes fill up quickly. However, your class could be cancelled if not enough people enrol. If you are concerned about buying a book that may be of no use to you then please check the viability of your class with adult education before purchasing your text.

Please note that children must not attend this class unless it is a specified parent/child activity.

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